the next 3 weeks we will be looking at some stories from the bible and learning more about Jesus.

How much do we know about jesus?

the things he did and the reasons he did them?

by looking at these stories and understanding them a little bit better we can get closer to jesus and learn how much of an amazing person he was!!


                        Who Jesus is.

Week 2.

Jesus rides a Donkey. Verse: John 12:14


Jesus was travelling through the city of Jerusalem and many people were there.

People gathered for the Passover Festival and this is when Jesus made his ‘triumphant entry’ riding on a Donkey passing crowds of people.

Many people were there because of Jesus and not long before this we hear how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead so it’s no wonder many people came to see him!!

Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey has more meaning than we think it does.

· First of all, it fulfils prophecy. 

This means that it was spoken about in the bible many many years ago! long before Jesus was born. THE BIBLE IS AMAZING!!

The Bible is full of predictions.


· Why a Donkey and not a horse?


Didn’t Jesus deserve to ride on something more spectacular?

Historically, entering a city on a donkey signified entry in peace, rather than a conquering king arriving on a horse.


· Jesus rode upon a donkey; this showed his meekness and humility.

Jesus was just like the people around him. Although he was a king in the eyes of the people he loved the people and wanted them to know that He was the son of God but he was just like them.


For a great visual understanding of the book of John and the stories of Jesus check out:









Watch: John 1-12 Bible Book Overview Video | BibleProject™



Fun thought

If you could choose any animal to ride on through the streets where you live or even through school, what would it be?


Something fast? Something big? Something scary?


Picture yourself riding it and everyone cheering you on as you wave to all the people around you.
















You can choose to do a Donkey Mask or any other animal that you like! Up to you!!

Find some cardboard or thick paper and draw a Donkey.

Remember to colour it in.

Get a grown up to help you cut it out and then find a lollipop stick so you can use it as a mask.

You can colour some funny eyes or use googly eyes just like the picture.












                        Who Jesus is.












Week 1.        

Verse: John 13:34


Jesus is talking to his disciples and is teaching them some important things.

The disciples were always being taught so much by Jesus.

The verse in the book of John is saying, ‘as I have loved you, love one another’.

Jesus is not only teaching his disciples he is teaching us too!

In the Bible we hear about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. (John 13)


Why is this story so important for us?

What can we learn from this story?


Jesus was giving them an example of what they must do. He didn’t mean for them to go around washing everyone’s feet!! He wanted them to realise that we are all the same and we should respect and appreciate one and other.

Not one person is above anyone else.


Jesus teaches us to Love one another.

That might be easier said than done sometimes.

What about the people we don’t like so much or the people that do silly or horrible things to us?

The people that ‘don’t deserve’ our love?

Shall we just love some people?

What do we look at when we see people?


God looks at people differently to us.

That is why he is God. He doesn’t see their faults and they’re mistakes like we do.


He sent his son to die for all of us. Everyone.

The challenge for us is to see through God’s eyes and not by our first impressions or what we know about someone. Regardless of what they might have done or said.

Let’s ask God and pray to see people the way God sees them. See their true worth and Value.


If God asked you to wash the feet of someone….would you?





Get your stinky feet out and get some paint.

You know what to do next. You will need lots of help with this. It can be quite messy!!



This is an example of a nice picture using your painted feet.

Why not try this one.

You can then write something about your family or your best friend.

worth 1 point

worth 1 point

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