Alpha is a part of thousands of people's life stories across the world. 
People everywhere have experienced more of life and meaning through committing to show up for a few weeks online.
Alpha is for you, it is a place for you to join with likeminded people and ask those questions we are all desperate to figure out.

If you are thinking of joining us, sign up today - there are only 2 days left Before we start.

Have a watch of some real-life stories from people like you and I.  Incredible people from all different lives and backgrounds who each have a unique and beautiful story.

Beth sy 'mlaen

Join online Alpha (Free course)

Mae ein gwefan ar gael yn y Saesneg a'r Gymraeg. Cliciwch isod i ddewis eich iaith.

Mae Eglwys Gymunedol Tywi yn grŵp o bobl o Sir Gar sy'n cwrdd ar y Sul i addoli Iesu, ac sydd hefyd yn gwasanaethu ein sir drwy Brosiect Xcel 


Eglwys Gymunedol Tywi  I  Canolfan Xcel, Heol Llansteffan  I  Tre Ioan  I  Caerfyrddin  I  Sir Gaerfyrddin  I  SA31 3BP 

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